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Stygian Dark ‎–Gorelords Of War cd


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Stygian Dark is a band that was created by Dave Ingram of Benediction fame together with Rogga Johansson (Paganizer) and the line-up was completed by Alwin Roes (Dead End) on bass and Jon Rudin (Wombbath) on drums. Stygian Dark isnt the first time Ingram and Johansson works together. They have delivered well received albums with both Echelon and Down Among The Dead Men but with Stygian Dark they have set up to deliver some really dirty and down-tuned old school death. Fans of the two legends previous bands should of course ad Stygian Dark to their wish list.

Track list:
1. Gorelords Of War
2. Driven By Ravenous Hunger
3. Casket Malediction
4. Lick The Oculus
5. To Kill The Raven
6. The Oligarch
7. Suffering Of The Sinister
8. Lacerated Lies
9. No Choke Chain On The Wolf
10. Buried Before First Light

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