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Suborned –From Space cd


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We give a warm welcome to a fresh offspring from Switzerland. Thrash Metal heads Suborned was founded in 2010 and after a few local live shows, the band quickly gathered in the Little Creek Studio to record the debut EP Hazardous Substances, that was highly appreciated in the thrash metal scene. This first step was followed by further successful live shows. The band was able to share Swiss and foreign stages with bands like Destruction, Municipal Waste and Vader. Subsequently, in 2013, the preparations for their first full length record From Space, which was once again recorded at Little Creek Studio, began. Due to their drummer Remo leaving the band shortly before the start of the recording process, the album was recorded with multiple Swiss drum champion Alain Ackermann. From Space serves as the proof for the bands technical and musical progress. Thank to this progress, nowadays the band has no need to hide behind uprising and long established acts of the thrash metal scene.

Track list:
1. Hit It
2. From Space
3. Sexolence
4. Bitch
5. Under The Yoke
6. Hazardous Substance
7. Simply Darwin
8. Demon
9. My Step

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