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Succubus Irons -The Gorgons Lullaby cd


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New project by Dooms Day vocalist Doom, Succubus Irons music is very hard to describe. A melting pot of various styles, classic heavy metal, Epic traditional folk/doom metal, progressive Art Rock… All sublimely coherent, subtle and fluid. Think Green Carnation and Anathema going classic Metal with some epic moments akin to Manilla Road or Atlantean Kodex spiced up by a little Paradise Lost gloom and the acoustic elements you’d find in some of Opeths best material. Dooms trademark vocals and Dooms Days horror vibe felt throughout the whole album will definitely win a few of the Dooms Day legions. We acknowledge this is not for everybody, but any avid and open minded metal fans should at the very least investigate The gorgons lullaby, it is yours to discover. Succubus Irons music is refreshing and supremely addictive

Track list:
1. Pandora Box
2. The Gorgons Lullaby
3. Cult Of The Gods
4. The Stygian Witches
5. Rise Of The Argonauts
6. House Of Atreus
7. The Pillars
8. March Of The Titans

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