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Suffer -Structures lp


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Black vinyl with insert. Limited 444 numbered copies

Fagersta / Lindesberg deathsters Suffer date back to 1988, when the first line-up comprised of vocalist Joakim Ohman, bassist Patrik Andersson and drummer Conny Granqvist. After some line-up changes, demo and EP releases the band went into the Sunlight Studios to record their only full length album Structures that were released in 1995. This was produced, like most Swedish death releases at the time, by Tomas Skogsberg and Dismember drummer Fred Estby but the sound is remarkably clean to be a Sunlight work. The album feels like its primary influence is the Spiritual Healing era Death, in the choice of riff style and placement of vocal rhythm, and it echoes the choices of many early death metal bands in having hardcore-like primitive riffs over which inventive heavy metal lead guitar weaves a rhythm and harmony track. This is a forgotten classic of Swedish death metal.

Track listing:
1. Temporary Sane
2. Passionate Structures
3. Lies Within
4. Selected Genes
5. A Frenetic Mind
6. Maginary Homecoming
7. The Killing Culture
8. Freedom Of Speech

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