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Suicidal Angels –Division Of Blood lp


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Rare original 2016 press on black vinyl with gatefold cover

Division Of Blood is the sixth full-length album from Greek thrash metal act Suicidal Angels. Nick Melissourgos and his crew aroused a certain curiosity in the retro-thrash scene with their debut Eternal Domination. Much like the group’s previous releases, this one is mostly based around the patent tight, confined riffing style that simply oozes speed and thrash metal. There’s a reckless abandon to the riff-work here as the band shifts from free-form galloping to tight, mid-tempo chugging that bridges the different styles in this one. It’s mostly a sense of furious old-school riffing that carries this one along. This one really manages to come off as one of the more impressive and enjoyable efforts in their consistent run of albums which makes this a fine pick for any revivalist thrash aficionado or fan of the bands’ previous work.

Track list:
1. Capital Of War
2. Division Of Blood
3. Eternally To Suffer
4. Image Of The Serpent
5. Set The Cities On Fire
6. Front Gate
7. Bullet In The Chamber
8. Cold Blood Murder
9. Of Thy Shall Bring The Light

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