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Suicidal Angels -The Early Years 2001-2006 cd


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The Early Years features early demo material previously released on the “Bloodthirsty Humanity” 2009 album together with the “Armies Of Hell” 2006 EP. What was remarkable about this band was that within just 4 years they came up with 3 demo tapes (United by Hate, The Calm Before The Storm, Angels Sacrifice) and an EP. Believe it is all kickass material. For suicidal Angels there is nothing mediocre or bad. Suicidal Angels play thrash influenced mainly by Slayer and Kreator however they have their own very unique style. One of the best thrash band that has come out of Greek for a long time. Even before they released their first full length album, Eternal Domination, they managed to establish a loyal following with their own unique character and feel. Guitar riffs are excellent. Suicidal Angels manage to give some amazing rhythmic riffs. So, if you are a thrash metal fan, you should purchase this album immediately.

Track list:
1. Destination… Battlefield
2. Hate And Torture
3. Bloodthirsty Humanity
4. Through My Eyes See Your Death
5. The Trial
6. Being Insane
7. Church Unrules
8. Ending… Death
9. Stateless
10. Hate Under Sacrifice
11. Crematory
12. Slaughtering Christianity
13. Armies Of Hell
14. Screams Of Homicide

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