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Suicidal Tendencies -Still Cyco After All These Years cd


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Upset about the fact that his bands seminal 1983 debut had long been out of print with no scheduled cd release in sight, Suicidal Tendencies leader Mike Muir decided to take matters into his own hands by re-recording the entire affair from scratch. But not surprisingly, although 1993s Still Cyco After All These Years tries as hard as it can to faithfully imitate much of the original albums performance (and even, to a certain degree, its cover art), theres simply no such thing as a perfect replica. And when dealing with a verified classic, anything but a perfect replica will never satisfy those familiar with the real deal. Though it is fair to assume that Still Cyco converted its fair share of younger fans who had never heard it in the first place, aside from the inclusion of an arguably superior version of Join the Armys War Inside My Head. This re-recording was done in 1990 (and not released until 1993) and it features the debut album together with War Inside My Head and A Little Each Day which are re-recordings of Join The Army tracks. The rarest track on here is Dont Give Me Your Nothin that previously only could be found as a B-side on the Send Me Your Money single.

Track listing:
1. Suicides An Alternative
2. Two-Sided Politics
3. Subliminal
4. I Shot The Devil
5. Wont Fall In Love Today
6. Institutionalized
7. War Inside My Head
8. Dont Give Me Your Nothin
9. Memories Of Tomorrow
10. Possessed
11. I Saw Your Mommy
12. Fascist Pig
13. A Little Each Day
14. I Want More
15. Suicidal Failure

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