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Suidakra ‎–Lupine Essence cd


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Suidakra’s debut album Lupine Essence was the starting point of an adventurous and unique career. After the album has been virtually nowhere available for years it was time to breathe new life into this gem. Lupine Essence was re-released in 2020 and the original 8 tracks of the debut were completely remastered by Arkadius himself for the re-release. Additionally there were 6 bonus tracks from different re-recordings, which are partly still unreleased. In the booklet you will also find extra Linar Notes by Arkadius, which give an insight into the history of this debut.

Track list:
1. Banshee
2. Dragon Tribe
3. Heresy
4. Sheltering Dreams
5. Havoc
6. Warpipes Call Me
7. And A Minstrel Left The Mourning Valley
8. Internal Epidemic
9. Banshee-2019 version
10. Heresy-2007 version
11. Sheltering Dreams-2020 version
12. Havoc-2019 version
13. Warpipes Call Me-2019 version
14. And A Minstrel Left The Mourning Valley-2020 version

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