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Svartfell –Beyond The Realms Of Death MC


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French 2007 pressed music cassette. Clear cassette without print.

Svartfell is a French one-man satanic black metal project led by Valhgarm. Vahlgarm (also acts under the names Wargrinder and/or Arkarior in bands, formerly or currently, like Vermeth, Monarchia Daemonium or Hellraper, especially as drummer) first put together this project in Libourne back in 2001 and he started handing out his first demo, Beyond The Realms Of Death, during the spring of 2003. The debut album, The Sentence Of Satan, was released in 2006 and shortly afterwards the band were signed to Drakkar Production who re-released the bands debut demo and the bands debut album on cassette in 2007 before releasing the bands second album, Day Of The Unholy Massacre, in 2009. The sound quality on this first demo is quite raw and primitive. But even though it has a minimal production it still feels quite remarkable as this one man army shows an overpowering strength.

Track list:
1. Chaos War
2. Necrodemon
3. Mountains Of Doom
4. Satans Realm
5. Winds Of Death

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Drakkar Productions

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