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Svartkonst –Black Waves lp


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Black vinyl with gatefold cover

Svartkonst’s debut album, Devils Blood, released in the summer of 2018 was very well received. This is a one man project run by Rickard Törnqvist, formally of Warg. The music performed is some sort of blackened death metal with a great mix of bitter, cold black metal and vicious death metal. Surprisingly all elements on this album is excellent, even though its a one man band. Everything, from the instrumentation to the production, works well together. So if you missed out on Svartkonst debut abum then you get another chance to discover this act now

Track list:
1. Death Magic
2. I Am The Void
3. World Ablaze
4. Stray In The Dark
5. Mountains Of Flesh
6. Ruins Of Splendour
7. Black Waves

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