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Svartkonst –Devils Blood lp


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Black vinyl with gatefold cover

2018 debut album by the blackened death metal one-man band Svartkonst from Sweden. Devils Blood is as good as modern black metal gets. While obviously maintaining a solid foot in the black metal realm, often Svartkonst’s Swedish death metal roots show on occasion. It’s not so much the down-tuning but the Entombed-like drum fills and to a lesser-extent, vocals. It such a well crafted album and to keep it short, an outstanding black metal release.

Track list:
1. Black Light Burning
2. The Drought
3. Merciless Death
4. Devil’s Blood
5. Taste of Bitterness
6. Flames of Salvation
7. I Am Nothing
8. Ashen Hunger
9. Cloven Hoof
10. En Sten Foll Fran Mitt Brost

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