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Svartkonst –May The Night Fall lp [gold marbled]


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Gold and black marbled vinyl. Limited 300 copies

Since the band’s debut album Devils Blood in 2018, which hit like a minor bomb in the extreme metal circles and was nominated by Aftonbladet (Sweden’s biggest newspaper) to be the year’s second best album, the hype around Svartkonst keeps on growing. With their vision of blending the heaviness and filth of Swedish Death Metal with the coldness and desperation of Black Metal, the band succeeds in its own way to deliver heavy riffs, sharp melodies and intense aggression that leaves no one untouched. Their 2020 album, Black Waves, was nominated for the Swedish Indie Grammy award, Manifestgalan. Their third album, May The Night Fall, was released in 2023 and just like their previously records its brilliantly meshing the influences of black and death metal into something whole and seamless, being aggressive and powerful but atmospheric and emotional at the same time. The album just grows stronger and stronger every time you listen to it.

Track listing:
1. Haunt Me
2. Breath Of Satan
3. Straight To The Grave
4. Endless Dark
5. Spectral Mirror
6. Crooked Horns
7. Filth Worship
8. Concrete And Steel
9. May The Night Fall
10. Crown Of Dead Flowers

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