The Swankys -Never Can Eat Swank Dinner lp [clear]



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Clear vinyl with poster and insert. Limited 500 copies

The Swankys were a Japanese punk band from Kyushua island that started out playing Sex Pistols influenced 77-punk before becoming Japan’s first hard core punk band. The Swankys were heavily influenced by the “Bristol” bands Disorder, Chaos UK and Chaotic Dischord. Once the Swankys had started playing the more aggressive hard core punk style repeated violence at shows quickly banned the band from local gig venues forcing the band to change name to Gai for about a year. Under the name Gai they released an first class hardcore album in the beginning of the 80s before they changed name to The Swankys again. As Swankys they performed 77 style punk. Their album “Never Can Eat Swank Dinner” was released in 1987 and still remains as one of the most unknown classics from the Japanese underground scene. The Swankys always looked like a much cooler version of the Sex Pistols, too. The guitar player used to wear a sunhat and a golden, silk shirt in order to demonstrate his Japanese-ness, which was undoubtedly more punk than all the homogenised, carefully-manicured Londoners in their matching studded jackets and leather trousers.

Track list:
1. Old Fashion
2. Maniac
3. Knife Will Not Open Because Rust
4. Bad Brain
5. Swanky Dinner
6. Black Or White
7. Water Branket Lover
8. Good Friends
9. No Bondage

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RAT 002

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