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Swarm -S/t cd


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Swarm was formed in 2020 and features Hilja Vedenpää (vocals); Panu Willman (guitar/vocals); Dani Paajanen (drums); Einari Toiviainen (guitar) and Leo Lehtonen (bass). For those familiar with the Finnish scene notice that this is band made up by current and former members of Dark Filth Fraternity, The Duster, Before The Dawn, Entwine and Musta Risti. Swarm plays a kind of musc that some refer to as heavygaze but its hard to label this act as the band has find their own fresh sound with a mix of fuzz rock, shoegaze, grunge and dank doom. If you didnt turn off after one track then it probably means you’ve already have fallen in love with this band. There Again starts with that thick doomy and fuzzy bass sound that drops into this beautiful mellow piece where Hilja’s voice takes the central role while that raucous bass line still carries the track forward. This track has it all; that fuzzy gloomy sound while still both melancholic and beautiful at the same time. Weight and warmth goes hand in hand. Check this out.

Track list:
1. Nevermore
2. There Again
3. Frail
4. We Should Know

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