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Swarming ‎–Cacophony Of Ripping Flesh cd


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Swarming (formed in February 2010) is a Finnish-Swedish collaboration with Lasse from Hooded Menace, Phlegethon, Ruinebell, and Rogga from Paganizer, Ribspreader and Humanity Delete. The guys share the same passion for raw and filthy music and that is what they are here to deliver with Swarming. Downtuned and putrid, grinding, crusty death metal. Cacophony Of Ripping Flesh – Recordings 2010-2012 compiles tracks recorded during the bands existence so far including the two tracks from Swarming/Zombie Ritual split EP from 2010. This is storming death metal with thick riffs that gets supported by a touch of melody. Lasse and Rogga shows that death metal can be both engaging and repulsive.

Track list:
1. The Hideous Incantation
2. Reeking Of The Bowels
3. It Came From The Graveyard
4. Hacksaw Holiday
5. Feasting On Drowned Flesh
6. Amputation Frenzy
7. Convulsing Into Eternal Doom
8. Premature Embalming

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