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Switch Opens -S/t cd


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Started out in Stockholm in 2000 as Fingerspitzengefuhl and under that name they released two albums: the self titled debut and Happy Doomsday before changing name to Switch Opens in 2008. The 2009 debut under the new name is a fantastic collection of songs that range from psychedelic stoner doom to raw punk energy, all on a solid foundation of heavy progressive rock. Every song has its own, clear identity, brim filled with original hooks, yet with a patented bass heavy, warm, vibrating sound running through the record. Switch Opens features Tomas Bergstrand (Rise And Shine / Dawn Of Decay) on guitar.

Track list:
1. Express Death
2. Pyramids
3. Paper Walls
4. He Dives Down
5. Terra Incognita
6. Lucky Me, Lucky You
7. Super Globe Of Pain
8. The Electric Hour

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