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Sye -Turn On The Fire cd


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2018 remastered with 5 bonus demo tapes. Limited 500 copies

Traditional heavy metal act formed in Toronto, Canada in 1981 by guitarist Bernie Carlos and bass player Gunner San Agustin. The two went into the Quest studio in Ontario in May of 1984 to lay down 8 tracks for their debut album. So ‘Turn On The Fire’ was released in 1985 by Metal blade in Usa and Roadrunner in Europe. Metal Blade had at the time some amazing releases at this time just look at the catalogue of their releases: MBR 1033 Celtic Frost Morbid Tales MBR 1034 Attacker Battle At Helms Deep MBR 1035 Sye Turn On The Fire MBR 1036 V/A Metal Massacre VI MBR 1037 Slayer Live Undead You’ll find that all other band went on to stardom while Sye soon find themselves without record label. Their debut album wasn’t however that bad that you might expect. It had a classic 80s metal sound and Bernie Carlos was a good virtuoso guitarist that could pick some notes at high speed. There are some nice ones on this album and you will also find the track ‘Runnin Scared’ that has a start of the track that reminds a lot of Diamond Heads Am I Evil?. Too bad that this band lost their record deal because guitarist Bernie Carlos would find a new line-up and release a second album called Wings Of Change in 1989. It’s a real pity that the second album was a private pressed released album that no one has heard because that was a much stronger album and if that one had received some marketing and promotion the situation and history of this band would probably have been something else.

Track listing:
1. Youve Got The Power
2. Street Queen
3. Runnin Scared
4. Rock N Roll Girls
5. Shoot To Kill
6. Turn On The Fire
7. Im The One
8. Call Of The Wild
9. Rock Stars
10. Fantasy
11. Bring It Home
12. Coffee, Tea Or Me
13. The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter

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