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T.C. Ellis ‎–True Confessions MC


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Us pressed music cassette. Clear cassette with grey text.

T.C. Ellis was the Minneapolis new jack swingin’, soul-pop teen crooner who got his first huge break when contributing to Prince’s Graffiti Bridge in 1990. His 1991 debut, True Confessions, generated two R&B hits; “Miss Thang,” and “Pussycat,” while a highly respected team of pro’s work behind the mix board and in the studio; Prince (Arranger, Composer, Producer), David Z. (Mixing), Prince’s Brownmark (Bass, Mixng), George Clinton (Vocals, Producer), and the very talented William Payne (Vocals, Multi Instruments). This would be the first and unfortunately the last album T.C. Ellis would ever make, later contributed vocals to albums with Kneegirl, Tree63, and En Vogue.

Track list:
1. Intro
2. Dope
3. Segue
4. Miss Thang-remix
5. Pussycat
6. For The Record
7. Bustin
8. Brothers And Sisters
9. True Confession
10. Cold Thang
11. Bambi-rap
12. Girl O’ My Dreams
13. Somebody’s Got To Love Her
14. Love
15. Brothers And Sisters-reprise

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