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T. Rex ‎–Giants Of Glam Rock cd


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This “Giants Of Glam Rock” compilation of T. Rex features 16-track which means many of his singles and his biggest tracks. Here you have the monster hits “20th Century Boy” and “Metal Gury” and tracks like “Dandy In The Underworld”, “Telegram Sam”, “Solid Gold Easy Action” and “Celebrate Summer”. No its not all singles and its not all his greatest tracks. We miss tracks like “Get It On”, “Children of the Revolution” and “Hot Love” to name a few. This album was released in 1993 and even if its not way complete it was still worth a purchase at the time. Since even a bad compilation album by T. Rex is still better than any Suede or Oasis album released at the time same time. T. Rex forever, y’all.

Track list:
1. Telegram Sam
2. Metal Guru
3. Solid Gold, Easy Action
4. 20th Century Boy
5. Teenage Dream
6. Light Of Love
7. New York City
8. London Boys
9. I Love To Boogie
10. Laser Love
11. Lady
12. Born To Boogie
13. Dandy In The Underworld
14. Life’s An Elevator
15. All Alone
16. Celebrate Summer

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