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Taake -Et Hav Av Avstand lp


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Black vinyl with gatefold cover

Et Hav Av Avstand is the eigth full-length studio album from the legendary Norwegian Black Metal band Taake. It consists of four songs clocking in at 42 minutes, displaying some of the finest songwriting yet from this epic one-man band. Fierce, but melancholy. Vigorously old-school but also progressive. retaining that unfiltered sense of unique rawness that is synonymous with Hoest’s charismatic sound and musical identity. Taake still manages to stay relevant and at the forefront of the genre and Hoest, who plays every instrument on the album, has ensured that the album is imbued with the unique Taake sound whilst at the same time developing it further. This is unmistakably Taake, and as always, an intense work that surprises and enthrals.

Track list:
1. Denne Forblaaste Ruin Av En Bro
2. Utarmede Gruver
3. Gid Sprakk Vi
4. Et Uhyre Av En Kniv

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