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Taake / Whoredom Rife ‎–Pakt 10″


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10” single on black vinyl with gatefold cover and poster

This is a monumental release between two of Norway’s finest Black Metal bands. Both bands have added two tracks each, Taake with an exclusive track plus a cover of none other than Sisters Of Mercy, which I’m sure we all love, no? Whoredom Rife continues to trample down the classic Norwegian Black Metal-path, delivering two exclusive tracks which will make you taste the Norwegian mountains and fjords through violent Black Metal of the highest order.

Track list:
1. Whoredome Rife -From Nameless Pagan Graves
2. Whoredome Rife -En Lenke Smidd i Blod
3. Taake -Ubeseiret
4. Taake -Heartland-Sisters Of Mercy cover

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