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Tad Morose –March Of The Obsequious lp [blue]


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Blue vinyl. Limited 100 copies

Tad Morose’s 11th album, March Of The Obsequious, follows the same path as their three recent releases, albeit with a small nod to the sound of 80s and 90s without sounding less fresh and modern. March Of The Obsequious is an incredible album and shows what an incredible band this is. Tad Morose is a band that definitely deserves the attention of any true fan of Heavy Metal. Vocalist Ronny Hemlin has to be heard to be believed.

Track list:
1. March Of The Obsequious
2. Witches Dance
3. Pandemonium
4. Phantasm
5. Dying
6. Escape
7. A Trail Of Sins
8. A Quilt Of Shame
9. Legion
10. This Perfect Storm

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Jolly Roger Records / Blackbeard Records

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