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Tanith –In Another Time lp [marbled]


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Made for the US market. White and black marbled vinyl with insert and poster. Limited 300 numbered copies

Taking their name from a character in the classic Hammer Horror The Devil Rides Out, NYC’s Tanith play vintage hard rock that harks back to the glory days of Blue Oyster Cult, Thin Lizzy and Uriah Heep. However, while such influences resonate through their music, they are never derivative, having a strong musical identity and forging their own sound. “We wanted to recreate the time when bands had multiple singers, and while it is essentially riff driven, melody and harmony will always trump speed and heaviness in this band,” states vocalist/guitarist Russ Tippins (also of classic metal band Satan). “We make music as a living thing. Our intent is to try to capture the sound of a real band playing together, all members making it work, mistakes and all,” adds vocalist/bassist Cindy Maynard, both statements borne out in the band’s recorded content and live shows. There is also something inarguably organic and natural about everything that they do, no posing or trying to be anything that they are not, and the pleasure they take in the music they create is palpable.

Track list:
1. Citadel (Galantia Part 1)
2. Book Of Changes
3. Wings Of The Owl (Galantia Part 3)
4. Cassinis Deadly Plunge
5. Under The Stars
6. Mountain
7. Eleven Years
8. Dionysus
9. Under The Stars (Reprise)

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