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Tankard -The Meaning Of Life lp [green/purple]


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Green and purple swirl vinyl

Their 1989 EP ‘Alien’ had proved to be a great release so expectations were high on the coming full length album but on ‘The Meaning Of Life’ Tankard seems to be lost all of a sudden. Looseness and punk were taking the upper hand here. The punky thrashtunes ‘Beermuda’ and ‘Wonderful Life’ are of course brilliant in their own way and mostly very funny. Also ‘Space Beer’ and ‘Open All Night’ are typical alcoholic Tankard thrasher that upholds the standard. Apart from these songs the relevance of the other songs was less than adequate for Tankard standards. Of course it was thrash metal and some songs had a pretty good catchy chorus (‘Dancining On Our Grave’, ‘We Are Us’), but on the whole far less fast and intense than we were used to from their earlier albums.

Track listing:
1. Open All Night
2. We Are Us
3. Dancing On Our Grave
4. Mechanical Man
5. Beermuda
6. The Meaning Of Life
7. Space Beer
8. Always Them
9. Wheel Of Rebirth
10. Barfly

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