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Tankard -The Tankard/Aufgetankt dcd


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2018 digipak re-issue with Tankwarts ‘Aufgetankt’ album as bonus

The Tankard – 1995
Where Tankard touched some serious grounds with Two-Faced, the follow-up album The Tankard strives towards notably more familiar and lightsome directions. In fact, this release may be one of Tankard’s lightest productions – by all means, heavy this is not. With a couple of exceptions, the music has a particularly happy sound despite some serious lyrics still occasionally appearing, and it seems as if the band had slowed down a little bit for this record. As a whole it’s pretty harmless stuff, not exactly a collection of classic material although many tracks here are perhaps more memorable than on an average Tankard album. Some good, uplifting hollers like Minds On The Moon and Fuck Christmas sound particularly relaxed and play in an enjoyable manner. All right, so it is somewhat inconsistent here and there, but some variation at times is only a good thing for this band.

Tankwart – Aufgetankt – 1994
The debut album by Tankwart, the side project of Tankard. ‘Aufgetrankt’ covered a number of German hits from the notorious ‘Neue Deutsche Welle’ era of Pop music from the early 80s. Included were ‘Liebesspieler’ by Die Toten Hosen, ‘Elke’ by Die Artze, ‘Sternenhimmel’ by Hubertkah, ‘Hurra, Hurra Die Schule Bennt’ from Extrabeit and ‘Skandal Im Sperrbezirk’ from the Spider Murphy Gang. Tankwart means gas station attendants

Track listing:
The Tankard – 1995
1. Grave a new world
2. Minds on the moon
3. The story of Mr. Cruel
4. Close encounter
5. Poshor Golovar
6. Mess in the west
7. Atomic twilight
8. Fuck christmas
9. Positive
10. Hope?

Tankwart – Aufgetankt – 1994
11. Liebesspieler-Die Toten Hosen cover
12. Pogo In Togo-United Balls cover
13. Hurra, Hurra, Die Schule Brennt-Extrabreit cover
14. Herr D.-Marius Muller-Westernhagen cover
15. Sternenhimmel-Hubert Kahn cover
16. Konig Von Deutschland-Rio Reiser cover
17. Elke-Die Arzte cover
18. Skandal Im Sperrbezirk-Spider Murphy Gang cover
19. Billiger Slogan

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