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Tarot -Crows Fly Black cd [promo]


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PROMOTIONAL ONLY means issued by record company in very limited quantity and sent to selected Industry professionals ONLY for promotional consideration/airplay. Never for sale and highly collectible releases

German promo cd in cardboard sleeve.

Tarot is not only a card game, but also a long time running heavy metal band from Finland. The band was founded in the early Eighties by the Hietala brothers, Marco and Zachary. The first album Spell Of Iron was finally released in 1986. Much later Marco became famous as a member of Sinergy and of course Nightwish, but he never abandoned his baby band. From time to time with some breaks, for obvious reasons, Tarot have released great albums which have made them a great addition to the metal scene. Their 2015 album, Crows Fly Black, is a lesson in stainless steel, pure Heavy Metal but without the cliches. The first single from the album You entered the Finnish charts at #1 the evidence that Tarot are on the right way to conquer the metal scene. But not only You is an ear catcher. After several spins you will realize that every song on Crows Fly Black has the potential to be a classic. The gorgeous title track, Tides and Howl is metal in its best way. Powerful, yet melodic, slightly progressive – but without a pure technique overkill. Forward thinking, intelligent music from really intelligent musicians. This is riffs in the size of a mountain, songs which break through the concrete wall and men in a leather jackets. If you never heard of Tarot, this is the chance to become part of the beautiful world of metal the band unleashes.

Track listing:
1. Crows Fly Black
2. Traitor
3. Ashes To The Stars
4. Messenger Of Gods
5. Before The Skies Come Down
6. Tides
7. Bleeding Dust
8. You
9. Howl!
10. Grey

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