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Ted Nugent -Love Grenade cd


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Nugent’s first studio album in 5 years, Love Grenade is a sonic assault on the body, mind and soul. Love Grenade demonstrates one incontrovertible truth about Ted Nugent–when he’s on, he’s hard to beat. Take a listen to Double Live Gonzo, Weekend Warriors, or the ubiquitous Cat Scratch Fever, and you’ll hear a rarified player at the top of his game. The moments of true brilliance are harder to come by on this outing–it’s hard not to glance at titles such as Funk U and Girl Scout Cookies and cringe with visions of late-era Spinal Tap. Worse still, it’s harder to wade through the sophomoric lyrics and ham-fisted double entendres. Truth is, Nugent’s at his best when he’s not singing about sex–Geronimo and Me, Aborigine, and Stand are about the guns, guts, and glory behind Nuges America. Truth is, Nugent’s best when he’s not singing at all, but instead flying his freak flag on the six string. A little less fat–the title cut, Bridge Over Troubled Daughters and the wholly unnecessary remake of Journey to the Center of the Mind–might have shown us that Nugent may just have another great album in him. Instead, we get a pretty good one that’s not quite on par with one of Michigan’s greatest export’s best works.

Track listing:
1. Love Grenade
2. Still Raising Hell
3. Funk U
4. Girlscout Cookies
5. Journey To The Center Of The Mind
6. Geronimo And Me
7. Eagle Brother
8. Spirit Of The Buffalo
9. Aborigine
10. Stand
11. Broadside
12. Bridge Over Troubled Daughters
13. Lay With Me
14. Still Raising Hell
15. Cat Scratch Fever

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