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Teleskärm ‎–Atlanten MC


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Swedish pressed music cassette. White cassette with black text. Limited 100 numbered copies

Modern retro or organic electro – the Swedish duo Teleskärm is a seamless fusion of opposites. Crisp synthesizer melodies elevate over powerful vintage drums and warm finger picked bass guitar. The same track may consist of a catchy melody reminiscent of a children’s bed time song but a beat and chord structure that would make any serious jazz fan proud. The band name translates directly to ”telescreen” and like it’s origin in the George Orwell novel 1984, Teleskärm’s music is equal parts beautifully dystopic and space era futuristic. Marcus Sjöberg and Mattias Greén both display serious skills in the craft of playing their instruments, but the true magic of their collaboration lies in their playful attitude towards integrating machines, analogue synths and vintage effects. The debut Atlanten was only released on cassette and features two songs of electronic jazz that are both swinging and seductive.

Track list:
1. Atlanten
2. Collage

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Ljudkassett Records

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