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Temple Of Void –The World That Was lp [bi-coloured]


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Orange and blue schism vinyl with lyric insert. Limited 800 copies

The third album from Detroit, Michigan-based death/doom metal band Temple Of Void. Guitarist Alex Awn commented: This album sees a considerable outside influence from the likes of Alice In Chains, Failure, Pearl Jam, and Ride. However, don’t expect to hear these bands creep up overtly. This is still very much a death-doom record; there’s no U-turn in sound. It’s just that we draw from a very deep well of disparate influences to create the unique sound that is Temple Of Void. Details, ideas, structures, tones, and chords may come from grunge or shoegaze, but we blend them and incorporate in our own way, so it never feels like a pastiche. The likes of Morbid Angel and Bolt Thrower still fuel the backbone of what we do.

Track list:
1. A Beast Among Us
2. Self-Schism
3. A Single Obolus
4. Leave The Light Behind
5. Casket Of Shame
6. The World That Was

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