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Tenebro -Demo 7″


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First press with red cover artwork. Black vinyl with insert. Limited 100 copies

Tenebro formed in the early 2000s. After various problems and due to illegal activities of the early line-up, which never officially recorded anything, Il Becchino was forced to stop the project. It was reactivated several years later and the first demo was released in 2019. The band dub their style as Italian Horror Glorifying Death Metal and it fits them so well. They are inspired and influenced by Italian horror cult movies from the 70/80s and the music has some immersive vibes and a guitar tone as ugly as few. Ad some Lucio Fulci sampling and you have a reallyl rotten death metal demo you just need to hear. The band does it better than both Necrophagia and Mortician. Tenebro delivers a fantastic soundtrack to a night of brutal fun. This is horror death metal done right.

Track list:
1. Seppellendo I Morti
2. Nel Terrore
3. All Interno Del Cimitero

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