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Terminal -Kompilacijski Album lp


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Black vinyl with large poster. Limited 1000 copies

Some of you may remember this project from Tobias Lindkvist (Tyrann, ex-Enforcer), Jonas Wikstrand (Enforcer), and Gabriel Forslund (Missiles, ex-Antichrist), which is their Eastern European tribute. The first 45, Heavy Metal Lokomotiva, came out 10 years ago, and the two following 45’s, Satanski Naročila and Zadnji Izlet, all sold out in relatively quick time.The band really managed to capture the spirit of this kind of music. They nailed the melodies, production and musicianship. Tobias is even singing in Slovenian and for someone who dont understand a word it still sounds believable. If youre into Eastern heavy metal then this is highly recommended. Kompilacijski Album features all these out of print singles pressed onto an lp in a limited one time only pressing

Track listing:
1. Heavy Metal Lokomotiva
2. Satanski Narocila
3. Zadnji Izlet
4. Slovo
5. Crna Smrt
6. Epilog

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