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Terrorama -Horrid Efface lp


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Black vinyl with gatefold cover, poster and printed innersleeve

Swedish blackened thrash in the style of old Merciless, Sadus, Holy Terror and Vulcano. This is the compact disk version of their debut vinyl release from last year. Expect nothing but solid metal without any goth or industrial elements of any kind. Includes a sick cover of Holy Terrors Black Plague. Features members of Spetalsk. Sweden’s Terrorama comes out with guns blazing and distortion wailing on their debut lp, sounding like a louder, harsher Ride The Lightning with gravelly black metal vocals. They do throw in some cool intros and sensible tempo changes to keep the overall package fresh. These guys fit perfectly with the new crop of modern bands, like Toxic Holocaust and Nocturnal, who play what is essentially traditional thrash metal. A fine album that will sound like a forgotten old favorite on its first spin.

Track list:
1. Hibernation
2. The Orthodox Flame
3. Horrid Efface
4. Stigmatized Within
5. Black Plague-Holy Terror cover
6. Terrorama
7. Enlightenment Through Death

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