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Terrorizer ‎–From The Tomb cd


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Rare 2003 release

The real Terrorizer broke up in 1988 but Shane Embury from Napalm Death who worshiped the old Terrorizer demos were able to brainwash the Earache boss to get this act to re-record some tracks for an official album. The World Downfall album was recorded by original Terrorizer vocalist Oscar Garcia with help from Napalm Death guitarist Jesse Pintado and Morbid Angel members Pete Sandoval and David Vincent. Pintado once remarked in an interview that Oscar had already forgotten half the songs so that’s why theres no second guitar. Original bass player Alfred Estrada was supposed to have recorded the bass but he was in jail so David Vincent helped out. 1/3 of the songs were actually Nausea (pre-Terrorizer) material. The Terrorizer album was recorded and mixed in 8 hours at Morrisound studios during the recording of Morbid Angels Altars Of Madness. This very limited cd includes the Terrorizer Day Zero rehearsal from the 25th of April 1987 and another rehearsal from 22nd of August 1987. This is the old and real Terrorizer.

Track list:
1. Afterworld Obliteration-August 1987 rehearsal
2. Fear Napalm-August 1987 rehearsal
3. Nuclear Fallout-August 1987 rehearsal
4. Ripped To Shreds-August 1987 rehearsal
5. Resurrection-August 1987 rehearsal
6. Barely Alive-August 1987 rehearsal
7. Human Prey-August 1987 rehearsal
8. Nuclear Dismemberment-August 1987 rehearsal
9. Maggot Infestation-August 1987 rehearsal
10. Strategic Warheads-April 1987 rehearsal
11. Afterworld Obliteration-April 1987 rehearsal
12. Human Prey-April 1987 rehearsal
13. Resurrection-April 1987 rehearsal
14. Reanimator-April 1987 rehearsal
15. Ripped To Shreds-April 1987 rehearsal
16. Dead Shall Rise-April 1987 rehearsal
17. Mayhem-April 1987 rehearsal
18. Crematorium-April 1987 rehearsal
19. Funeral Bitch-Master cover-April 1987 rehearsal

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