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Testament -Behind The Scenes dvd


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Behind The Scenes dvd features the Seen Between The Lines vhs that was a compilation of live performances, backstage footage, exclusive interviews, home movie clips and 4 promo videos. After that we have a short interview from Headbangers Ball back in 1988 and the Trial By Fire promo video and last out we have the bands live performance from the Monsters Of Rock festival at Aeroporto Di Reggio Emilia in Reggio Emilia, Italy on September 12, 1992. The 1992 was one of the most successful of the ones that reached Italy thanks to a selection of stellar groups, which that day were all, or almost all, in a state of grace. Opening act was local act Pino Scotto followed by Warrant and Pantera out supporting Vulgar Display Of Power. Testament had released The Ritual and Megadeth was out on their Countdown To Extinction tour. Black Sabbath had been reunited with Ronnie James Dio and came to Italy to tour for Dehumanizer. And headling the night was Iron Maiden during their Fear Of The Dark tour. Bruce were not aware that they were at Reggio Emilia and were doing Scream For Me Modenaaa during the night but not many cared. Danzig and Gun were announced on the line-up as well but were cancelled at the last minute for reasons unknown. According to unofficial sources, Danzig was canceled for reasons of public order, since days before the event he incited eventual spectators to attack Warrant while they were on stage. The Testament set list was a short best of set list for the day and are professionally performed on this dvd

Track list:
1. Intro
2. Eerie Inhabitants
3. Face In The Sky
4. Greenhouse Effect
5. Souls Of Black
6. Sins Of Omission
7. Disciples Of The Watch
8. Nobody’s Fault-promo video
9. Practice What You Preach-promo video
10. Souls Of Black-promo video
11. The Legacy-promo video
12. Trial By Fire-promo video
13. So Many Lies-Monsters Of Rock Italy 1992
14. Practice What You Preach-Monsters Of Rock Italy 1992
15. Trial By Fire-Monsters Of Rock Italy 1992
16. Alone In The Dark-Monsters Of Rock Italy 1992
17. Musical Death (A Dirge)-Monsters Of Rock Italy 1992
18. The Legacy-Monsters Of Rock Italy 1992
19. Sins Of Omission-Monsters Of Rock Italy 1992
20. Disciples Of The Watch-Monsters Of Rock Italy 1992

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