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Testament –Practice What You Preach MC


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Polish pressed music cassette. Clear cassette without print. Omitts the two last tracks compared to the vinyl

Poland is probably the country that had the most record labels in the world that only released cassettes. But even though there were lots of labels the market was still small as they only printed these for their own market inside of Poland. And a label in one town maybe lacked the distribution for another town and so on. A Warzaw or Krakow label might print more copies of a tape then labels from a smaller town. So even if there are thousands of releases you will notice how rare some are if you start to try to list the catalogue number of one particular label. Some cassettes just rarely shows up. Anyway one of these many Polish labels were this rather unknown label called MC Records. Their base was unknown and the band released somewhere between 300 and 400 tapes during a few years probably between 1990 and 1994 when the Polish cassette market died over night due to a new Polish government rule.

The gothic and occult themes associated with The Legacy and The New Order aren’t nearly as prevalent on Testament’s third album, Practice What You Preach. Instead, the thrash metallers place more emphasis on subjects like freedom of choice, political corruption, hypocrisy, and the effects of greed and avarice. One of Testament’s most informative songs, the disturbing Greenhouse Effect takes a painfully honest look at environmental destruction. But while the band shifts its focus lyrically, its musical approach is much the same — under the direction of metal producer Alex Perialas, Testament takes no prisoners and remains unapologetically abrasive.

Track Listing:
1. Practice What You Preach
2. Perilous Nation
3. Envy Time
4. Time Is Coming
5. Blessed In Contempt
6. Greenhouse Effect
7. Sins Of Omission
8. Ballad (A Song Of Hope)

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