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Tevana3 ‎–Peräpohjolan Takana cd


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The second album from the Finnish act Tevana3 was released in March of 2016. The album Peräpohjolan Takana is a continuation of their debut album released five years earlier. Tevana3 is quite an unusual act that mixes all kinds of metal music but performs on an electric kantele instead of guitars. So its very experimental, if you think that Triptykon would incorporate folk metal instruments into their music. Doom, black, punk, thrash, folk and even ethno ambient music can all be traced here. If you then ad lyrics that deals with Finnish mythology, rebirth, feelings of the human mind, and nature mystery then you might get an idea of what to expect of Tevana3. So if you wonder how far away from it’s normal conventions heavy metal can be taken without becoming something else then you have the idea behind Tevana3 too. They are here to push the boundaries and the biggest question anyone would want answered though is how the kantele measures up, and the answer is very well indeed. Plugged in like this, Juha Jyrkäs has harnessed the instrument to produce a dreary, grey sound that gives the riffs a scuzzy, stoned quality and the meandering leads and solos a chilling icy vibe. Jyrkäs also handles the vocals and he leaps between quite a few different styles, from ghostly whispering through Tom Warrior-inspired atonal yelling on the handful of faster moments and on to some truly off the wall high-pitched shrieking. So overall the unique proposition of metal played on electric kantele has turned up a unique album that meshes its varied influences with its own inherent strangeness to serve up what will doubtlessly be one of 2016’s more odd and interesting albums.

Track list:
1. Čuorvvas
2. Kurimuksen Musta Kulkku
3. Suttakin Pahempi Koito
4. Raajat Auki
5. Rakennan Taas
6. Maksani Teutova
7. Duoddaris
8. Lehtolapsi (Part I)
9. Lehtolapsi (Part II)

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