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Thalamus ‎–Hiding From Daylight lp


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Black vinyl

Four years have passed since Thalamus released their 2013 album Soul and 2017 finally saw the release of the fourth album, Hiding From Daylight. It is ten years since the Thalamus took form as a band and Hiding From Daylight marks a clear return to the raw sound that was to be found on the debut album. Their sound is a strange mix of all different influences and musical genres. Thus, it can be described as a beautiful, groovy, heavy and brutal riffing heavy rock. They are clearly influenced by the 70s heavy rock but also some progressive, doom and stoner rock sounds are to be heard here. Classic, hard, heavy and prog rock – you can find it all here on one disc. In other words; it is a very varied and diverse piece of music that needs a few spins before it finally fits in. Hiding From Daylight is an entertaining album with a high artistic value.

Track list:
1. Time
2. The Painter
3. Don’t Leave Me Behind
4. Someday
5. Hiding From Daylight
6. Absolution
7. Down In A Hole-with Janne Stark
8. Vertigo

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