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That Dog -S/t cd


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The Los Angeles pop rock band That Dog was active between 1991 and 1997. Then Anna Waronker went solo but the band were reunited in 2011 again. If youre interested in the early years of Waronker or have heard good things about That Dog and want to check them out, then check out their self titled album from 1993. Its an absolutely fun and enjoyable power pop punk album that features some stunning vocal harmonization from Anna and the Hayden sisters. The tunes are both catchy and creative, ranging from the through-composed Family Functions to a postmodern delight in You Are Here. When this album came out it fealt like a slap in the face. This slap is a quick reminder to teach you what music should be about. That Dog are one of the Ninties great lost bands. Believe me, you need to hear this album.

Track list:
1. Old Timer
2. Jump
3. Punk Rock Girl
4. Zodiac
5. You Are Here
6. She
7. Angel
8. Westside Angst
9. She Looks At Me
10. Family Functions
11. Raina
12. She Looks At Me (Reprise)
13. Just Like Me
14. Paid Programming
15. This Boy

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