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The 3rd And The Mortal –Sorrow mcd


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Extremely rare original 1994 Head Not Found Records first press with Dureco matrix

Draw a ring of fire; be careful as you step across the line. Make sure you leave your soul behind

The Third And The Mortal were a Norwegian rock band from Trondheim, founded in 1992. The band started out as doom metal, mixing distorted guitars and heavy drumming with clean guitars and vocals from Kari Rueslåtten. The band went on to experiment with genres such as progressive rock, jazz, ambient, folk and electronica. On here, the bands debut Sorrow released in 1994, we find a curious study in metaphors of despair mixed with half-hearted optimism, and gothic metal music spattered like a blood pattern with hauntingly seductive vocals. Sorrow is their heaviest release bordering to doom which is hard to say about their later releases. This is still emotional, beautiful and etherial music with very strong guitar lines and sparse use of keyboards. They were, at the time, quite a guitar based band, though it would not be long before they ventured into more experimental, ambient territory. Back in 1994 there werent many bands doing what The 3rd And the Mortal was doing. The Gathering was still messing about with a male death metal singer and I wouldnt be surprise if this album got the band the idea to skip what they were doing and hiring Anneke for their epos Mandylion.

Track list:
1. Grevinnens Bonn
2. Sorrow
3. Ring Of Fire
4. Silently I Surrender

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Head Not Found/Voices Of Wonder

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HNF 002

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