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The 69 Eyes -Blessed Be dlp [violet]


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23rd Anniversary edition. Double album on violet vinyls with gatefold cover and 5 bonus tracks

The 69 Eyes kickstarted the new millennium with this era-defining gothic rock statement of an album. Blessed Be is a cornerstone of The 69 Eyes career and contains songs like Gothic Girl and Brandon Lee. This is the bands fifth studio album and the hard rock side of the band is definitely traceable as the guys do not neglect their riffs and guitar solos as well as the rocking rhythm section; still it is the production of the album, more than anything, that makes Blessed Be a Gothic rock album: for that matter the clean instrumentations are brought up fron in the mix, delivering all the essential gothic melodies while Jyrki’s vocals have become incredibly bass, perhaps overproduced on some songs sounding rather unnatural yet definitely adding to the gothic atmosphere.

Track list:
1. Framed In Blood
2. Gothic Girl
3. The Chair
4. Brandon Lee
5. Velvet Touch
6. Sleeping With Lions
7. Angel On My Shoulder
8. Stolen Season
9. Wages Of Sin
10. Graveland
11. 30
12. Heaven / Hell
13. Sleeping With Lions-demo
14. Wages Of Sin-demo
15. Shoot You Down-demo
16. Riders On The Storm-radio live
17. Stolen Season-radio live

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