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The 69 Eyes –Drive Shape


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Steering wheel shaped vinyl with insert and handcrafted labels. Limited 666 numbered copies

When the sun goes down and the moon comes up Finnish goth glam ambassadors The 69 Eyes proudly don their sunglasses, leather jackets and black eyeliner to become one with the night. Founded in the hazy, murky, twilit bars of Helsinki more than 30 years ago, the band circling around Scandinavian goth rock epitome Jyrki 69 has done exemplary service to all things dark, releasing twelve revered albums, touring the world over, even going platinum in their home country, all the while maintaining a strong tie to the graveyard shift of rock’n’roll. The track Drive hit heavy rotation in Finnish radio, secured them a slot in Finnish reality TV music show Vain Elämää and garnered them a string of sold out shows in their native Finland. The 69 Eyes are both fully embracing the Helsinki lifestyle and the Californian way of life, making the Suomi capital sound like it’s a depraved neighbourhood of Los Angeles in songs like Drive.

Track list:
1. Drive
2. Call Me Snake
3. Californian
4. Two Horns Up-live Kulttuuritalo 26th of June 2020

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