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The Arkitecht -Hyperstructure cd


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The Arkitecht is a progressive metal band from Mexico City that plays a mixture of styles from thrash, death, grunge, progressive, 70s progressive and plain metal. Their debut album Hyperstructure is a concept album with 2 short stories (two unrelated concepts). It tells of the enlightenment of a common man. He seeks for answers, he looks for redemption. It is a mental journey through the very issues that have brought the planet to a transcendental point in history. The different issues addressed on this story were heavily influenced by Peter Josephs documentary Zeitgeist. The music on the other side ranges from Porcupine Tree like passages to Texture like rhythmic sections, going through a little grunge, prog-metal, and some ambient stuff. It comes divided into 6 songs, every one very different from the other, yet they all sort of flow into the next. The final track, Face Thief, is a symphonic death metal epic lasting a little over 32 minutes. The story is a thriller: a serial killer who surgically removes the face of his victims seeks to bring the life of a gifted artist to its very ashes. Definitely worth checking out

Track listing:
1. Blackout
2. The Twenthieth Century Feast And The Millenium Hangover
3. Through Broken Glass
4. Elation
5. Children Of The Gods
6. Hyperstructure
7. Face Thief

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