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The Arson Project -God Bless lp [red]


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Red vinyl with 4-page insert. Limited 500 copies

The Alan Parsons Project was an art rock band that had several pop hits, The Arson Parson Project, sorry The Arson Project, is far from art rock. Rarely do we come across something that feels like pure audio violence. These boys from Malmo, Sweden creates some harsch pissed-off music. They mix metal with crustpunk and grindcore and the end result is very intense. The tracks were written between 2019 and 2022. If you wants to have some furious hate right in your face and ears then The Arson Project offers exactly what youre looking for.

Track list:
1. Vultures Of The Cross
2. Exchanging Dominance
3. Power And Control Wheel
4. Burn
5. For The Worms To Feed
6. Cages
7. Tai-Atari
8. Crumbling Grounds
9. Volunrary Human Extinction
10. Drop The Hammer

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