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The Bang Gang –Love Sells cd


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The Bang Gang was a Los Angeles sleaze glam act that was formed in 1989 and released the splendid Love Sells the year after. The band soon disbanded but released a demo album called Vanity Kills in 2001. This 2018 reissue features the complete debut album as well as 5 bonus tracks from Vanity Kills and 3 additional never before released demo versions of tracks that ended up on Love Sells. So all in all, you’re getting 17 tracks of pure sleaze rock bliss. If you don’t think its worth your money then read some quotes below from the big magazines at the time; Circus, Hit Parader, Kerrang, Metal Forces and Metal Edge.

Their harmonies highlight the nine tracks and the Bang Gang live up to earlier predictions (based on their show and demos) that they are one of the select bands to watch in the coming year! -Hit Parader

You’ve all heard about the bands that break the mold. Well the Bang Gang don’t just break that mold, they blow it bits! Bringing such unusual elements as horn sections, female backup singers and pyro-technic filled live shows into their hard rockin’ world. -Metal Edge

The highest review possible 5K’s. Love Sells is as bad, nasty, sleazy and sexy as it is commercial. Nine slices of X-rated fantasy; an album that the word on the streets of L.A. says will be the start of that journey down the same road both Poison and Guns N’ Roses took -Kerrang

I suggest you fork out the readies for an import copy of their Love Sells debut. No self respecting rock ‘n’ roller should be without it -Metal Forces

The Bang Gang’s sound is a mix of hard rock, punk and sixties British Pop. This nine track debut features bang-your-head, jump-on-the-bed-and-play air guitar rockers, as well as a couple softer tunes – thankfully not of the sappy sort. The album’s best tunes are 20th Century Boy, with its New York Dolls flavor, the dreamy The Neon Fairytale and the Cult-tinged The Young And The Restless. -Circus Magazine

Track list:
1. Pedal To The Metal
2. 20th Century Boy
3. The Neon Fairytale
4. Young And The Restless
5. You Make The Beat Go On
6. Be A Model (Or Just Look Like One)
7. Dangerous
8. Thrill After Thrill
9. B.M.G. (Be My Girl)
10. Junkyard Tank-demo
11. Love Comes Around (The Romeo Song)-demo
12. Dirty Sidewalk Love-demo
13. Exotic Lover-demo
14. Emotional-demo
15. Pedal To The Metal-Akai demo
16. Thrill After Thrill-Akai demo
17. Young And The Restless-original demo version

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