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The Bee Gees -World 7″ [scandinavian]


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Rare original Scandinavian 1967 pressing with an exclusive artwork for Scandinavia.

The Bee Gees are probably most famous for their 70s disco music but a few years early the band released some cool psych pop tunes. World was released as a single in 1967 and then included on their album Horizontal the following year. World was originally planned as having no orchestra, so was recorded on four tracks, including some piano played by Maurice and organ played by Robin. When it was decided to add an orchestra, the four tracks containing the band were mixed to one track and the orchestra was added to the other track. The stereo mix suffered since the second tape had to play as mono until the end when the orchestra comes in on one side. Barry adds: World is one of those things we came up with in the studio, Everyone just having fun and saying, Let’s just do something!’ you know. Vince Melouney recalls: I had this idea to play the melody right up in the top register of the guitar behind the chorus. The back side is another nice psych pop tune and yes, im pretty sure you weren’t aware that Sir Geoffrey saved the world but The Bee Gees wrote a track to inform you about it.

Track list:
1. World
2. Sir Geoffrey Saved The World

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