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The Black Spade ‎–Sanguis Et Honor cd


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The Black Spade from Sao Paulo in Brazil is black metal act that was formed already back in 2004 as Condessa Sangrenta but it would take them 13 years before they finally had a stable line-up and by then they felt it was time for a restart so they changed name to The Black Spade. Their debut album Sangvis Et Honor was released in 2018 and it was quite an impressive work if you adore your black metal when it includes lots of chaos. This is a band that hails anything Satanic; chaos, anti-christianity, Left hand path magic, chaos, hatred and the violent Quimbanda. So this is old school black metal and nothing for the weak. The vocalist Cavalo Bathory is a well known figure in Brazilian black metal as he’s also part of Vobiscum Inferni, Amazarak and Mausoleum. Cavalo Bathory screams and spews like he’s possessed trying to evoke the presence of evil in this music that is influenced by both Bathory and Desaster. It´s the hour… The time to your death… You are nailed to the Cross starts the anthem Its The End and it obvious that this band tries to make a manifestation that Christianity has no future. Sure this has been done before but The Black Spade really tries to make majestic songs to try to convince us that the absolute evil will come.

Track list:
1. Intro
2. Alone…Dead And Forgotten
3. Alcoolica Luxuria Do Metal
4. Its The End
5. In A Winter Battle-Desaster cover
6. Prelude
7. Condessa Sangrenta (To Be Continued)

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