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The Brimstone Solar Radiation Band ‎–Smorgasbord cd


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Norwegian prog act Brimstone broaden their spectrum on their Smorgasbord album. Here they use a virtual menagerie of instruments, everything from flutes to saxophones to accordions, choirs and violins while still being rooted in the 60s and 70s rock sound. The opening track Medic is a 6 minute long track starts things off with an uptempo melodic rock track with horns and Mr. Edwards distinctive vocals. The track then has a lot of cool parts that twist and turns during these 6 minutes. I think the album really has a splendid title as this is smorgasbord of everything. Besides what I mentioned earlier you also have piano, acoustic guitars, organ and vocal harmonies. Their following album Mannswerk saw the band returning to their roots with that late 60’s/early 70’s prog vibe but on this album they really tried it all while still being unmistakably Brimstone.

Track list:
1. Medic
2. Godspeed Mother Earth
3. Happy
4. The Great Yeah
5. I Don’t Mind
6. Sanctimonious High
7. Thin Air
8. Animal Riot Hill
9. Spain
10. Strings To The Bow
11. Crazy Rainbow
12. A Hill Of Beans

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