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The Clash ‎–London 78 cd


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The Clash played three shows at The Lyceum in London as a benefit for under-privileged children in London’s East End. The dates were 28th and 29nd of December 1978 as well as on the 3rd of January 1979. This album features material from these shows. These charity shows were also taped as they wanted to capture some live punk rock for the film Rude Boy (in the end, only I Fought The Law was used from theese shows). The Sort It Out Tour was a success and the band is really at a peak here. However, the sound is not the steely rush of some of the earlier shows. Mick had begun to experiment with effects pedals at this point and there’s a lot watery Phaser all over the place here. Probably the single best example of ‘78 Clash. At The Lyceum the band couldn’t really fail. It was a magic night, you could just feel it. The energy was really pouring out of the audience, lifting the group and carrying them along. A glorious shared experience between band and fans, as they tore through one great song after another. They finished the show with White Riot, the song they’ll never be able to leave behind – and nor should they want to. As the spotlights hurtled across the expanses above the audience’s heads, and the kids collectively roared their lungs out – White riot, we warina riot – the night ended on note of total exhilaration. The two December shows were possibly some of the best gig Ithe Clash ever did and what a way to end 1978.

Track list:
1. Safe European Home
2. I Fought The Law-Crickets cover
3. Jail Guitar Doors
4. Drug-Stabbing Time
5. City Of The Dead
6. Clash City Rockers
7. Tommy Gun
8. (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais
9. English Civil War
10. Stay Free
11. Cheapskates
12. Julie’s Been Working For The Drug Squad
13. Police And Thieves-Junior Murvin cover
14. Capital Radio
15. Janie Jones
16. Garageland
17. Complete Control
18. London’s Burning

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