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The Committee –Utopian Deception cd [promo]


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German cd promo in promo paper sleeve.

Utopian Deception is the third album from the international band who has their seat located in Belgium. The band mixes black and death metal with each other, but always remains relatively melodic. Purely instrumental, the music here and there reminds me of Immortal, but the Norwegians can really only be used as a rough comparison. The Committee certainly will not reinvent the wheel, but will expose enough independence, and most importantly: you can write excellent songs. Each of the six pieces of Utopian Deception is terrific, you look for a sagger here in vain. And some moments make special attention, such as the great bass lead in Harrowing The Sane – Popularization. In addition, there are texts that have nothing to do with the usual black metal deibelei – The Committee is dedicated to much more humane topics, even if there likes to resonate a lot of fiction and everything is peppered with metaphors.

Track list:
1. Awakening – Unimaginable
2. Lexi Con – Radical
3. Infection – Sensible
4. Harrowing the sane – Popularization
5. Ossification – Law
6. Ashes – Norm

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