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The Corrs –London In Blue dcd


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Double cd

The Corrs played a very special Christmas live concert at London’s legendary Wembley Arena on the 21st of December in 2000. The 116-minute set included songs from their third album, In Blue, a brand new version of their instrumental Paddy McCarthy, and a special performance of John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s Happy X-Mas (War is Over). The group’s most recognizable songs are here with Runaway, Breathless and So Young, along with their covers of Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams and Tin Lizzy’s Old Town. But some of the other highlights are the ones were Andrea picks up her tin whistle and the Corrs go to town on the instrumental numbers Joy of Life and Paddy Cathy. After all, the sound of the Corrs is the blend of Irish music with contemporary pop-rock, and those two pieces represent the high energy points in the concert. There is also an unplugged section where Carolyn gets out from behind her drum kit and joins her siblings down stage for several numbers. The Corrs strenght is their simple elegance and their soft harmonies. If you have a fondness for sibling harmonies then the Corrs is a must.

Track list:
1. Intro
2. Only When I Sleep
3. Give Me A Reason
4. Irresistible
5. Forgiven Not Forgotten
6. What Can I Do
7. Carraroe Jig
8. Hurt Before
9. Somebody For Someone
10. Dreams
11. The Right Time
12. I Never Loved You Anyway
13. Runaway
14. All The Love In The World
15. Old Town
16. All In A Day
17. Queen Of Hollywood
18. Paddy McCarthy
19. Radio
20. No More Cry
21. Breathless
22. Happy X-Mas (War Is Over)
23. Introduction Of The Band
24. At Your Side
25. So Young
26. Toss The Feathers
27. Only When I Sleep-Wembley 9th of October 1999
28. What Can I Do-Wembley 9th of October 1999
29. Toss The Feathers-Wembley 9th of October 1999
30. Everybody Hurts-Wembley 9th of October 1999
31. So Young-Wembley 9th of October 1999
32. Radio-MTV European Music Wards 1999
33. No Frontiers

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